Thomas Deschodt-Gasnier

Label Manager - Wiseband

3 Feb, 2022

As you may have noticed, Apple has recently added a feature to enhance the album covers on Apple Music. This is the “Motion Art” that appears on some releases, often on well-known artists like  Drake or Clara Luciani 

Apple also allows artists to artistically spice up the cover of their albums in the manner of Spotify’s Canvas or TIDAL.

How can I benefit from the Apple Motion Art feature?

All you have to do is to be distributed by Wiseband and to subscribe to a PREMIUM subscription

How to make a good Apple Motion Art? Here are the “Best Practices”: 

The use of motion art is not quite the same as Spotify CANVAS. Here, it is not possible to put a clip for example. You have to put an animation related to your original album cover. 

There are several ways to spice up your album cover by bringing it to life: 

  • Put a recurring glow effect on the album title or project logo on the cover. 
  • Think of your cover art from the beginning in such a way that it is adaptable to Spotify Canvas, TIDAL Canvas and Apple Motion Art. 
  • 3D animations are in fashion as many official playlist covers on Apple Music.
  • You can also put a simple static image adapted to the dimensions.

What you should not do with Apple Motion Art:

Animations with too aggressive flashes.
Do not put in too fast movements.
Do not display a Parental Advisory type logo.
Do not create an animation that does not make a perfect perpetual loop.

What are the technical specifications for your file to be accepted in Apple Motion Art?

On iPhone:

Format :  .mov
Codec: Apple ProRes 4444
Color Profile: Rec709 ou sRGB
Dimension: 2048×2732 pixels 
Duration: 15 or 35 seconds
Resolution: 72dpi
Static Format (Image) 
Format: .png
Dimension: 2048×2732 pixels 
Resolution: 72dpi

Download the Iphone template.

On MacBook, iPad & TV:

Format :  .mov
Codec : Apple ProRes 4444
Color Profile : Rec709 ou sRGB
Dimension : 3840×3840 pixels 
Duration : 15 ou 35 seconds
Resolution : 72dpi
Static format (Image) :
Format :  .png
Dimension : 3840×3840 pixels 
Resolution : 72dpi

​​Download the template for other media.

Warning: for videos, the animation must make a perfect perpetual loop (no jerks or cuts if you loop it). Do not include an audio track on video formats.

How do I apply for Apple Motion Art?

Please send the video and/or image file to . The files must respect the specifications mentioned above. Please indicate in the email : 

  • The name of the release
  • The UPC code (available in the menu Products>Digital distribution>Action>Single metadata summary)
  • Release date

How long does it take to get an Apple Motion Art online?

It takes about 3 weeks from the date of confirmation that the application has been accepted.

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