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Alexandre Baumont

Marketing Director - Wiseband

18 Mar, 2021

How to distribute your music on Qobuz?

Wiseband is a partner of the French platform Qobuz since 2013 to distribute your music.
Created in 2007 and officially active since 2008 Qobuz offers a download and streaming service in Hi-Res for music lovers and audiophiles.  

Unlike many platforms, Qobuz does not offer a free account, but offers the possibility to try their services for 1 month.

A. Qobuz in a few figures

Above all, distributing your music on Qobuz means offering people in 12 countries (including the USA and the UK) the possibility of listening to your music in a very high quality format like on no other platform. This choice seems to be successful since Qobuz was able to raise 22 million euros in 2 years.

Note that Qobuz claimed 100,000 subscribers in 2019 with a monthly cost between € 19.99 and € 24.99, which is about twice as much as competitors Apple, Deezer and Spotify … 

B. How to distribute your music on Qobuz ?

First of all, to distribute your music on Qobuz (and the other streaming platforms), you need to have an artist or premium account on Wiseband

So you want to distribute your music on Qobuz via Wiseband

No doubt you are about to make a new distribution for that:
Go to the “Articles” page and then to the “Distribution” tab of your Wiseband account. Then click on “Distribute an album / single on digital platforms” .

and your album is already distributed on the platforms by Wiseband: Go to the “Articles” page under the “Distribution” tab of your Wiseband account. On the album or single to which you want to add Qobuz as a digital distribution platform, click on “Summary of the album / single metadata”. Then, in the list of chosen platforms, select Qobuz before saving.

C. Why distribute your music on Qobuz?

Putting your music on Qobuz is to be sure to reach an audience of music lovers who will listen to your tracks in the best conditions.

The platform is defined as a multi-specialist. It offers a vast and specialized catalog (in terms of references and metadata) in all musical styles, whether classical, rap, jazz, rock… but also in categories such as children’s music, film music, ambiance and audio books.

Finally, Qobuz also stands out for the quality of sound it offers to its users. Indeed, by distributing your music on Qobuz you allow your fans to access a listening comfort superior and equal to the CD.

Warning: The distribution of your music on Qobuz is only available for albums or singles in wav or flac format.

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