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"Wiseband allows us to master our Web strategy"
Vivien Gouery, manager of the band Zenzile
1 Upload your music :

  • Choose the quality : mp3, Wav, Flac
  • Write your informations (tracks names, copyrights...)
  • Upload your artworks (covers, photos...)
2 Customize your player :

  • Choose colors etc...
  • Do the CSS integration with a webmaster
3 Spread the player on your website or blog :

(myspace, blogger , wordpress, tumblr...)
4 Spread the player on Facebook :

Use the sharing functionalities to make your fans aware about your new tracks
5 Build your fanbase :

  • Registration form in your newsletter
  • Free download vs subscribing to your newsletter
  • Free download vs subscribing /following on Facebook and Twitter
  • Free download vs "Like" of page Facebook
  • Preorder of your album or single (allows a micro-financing of the production)
6 Manage your fans' list ('Fanbase') :

  • Get back your fans' list (various files types : XML, Excel)
  • Send your newsletter (with link of deregistration etc.)
7 Newsletter online assistant :

  • Use our assistant (easy to use with all the boxes e-mails)
  • Join your pictures, your texts, your links and your promotional codes
  • Send to all your fans or just to a selection
    (choices by countries or by types of bought products...)
  • Follow the openings of newsletters by your fans, get your statistics...