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  sells  music in MP3, WAV and other DRM-free digital standards to download It also offers various merchandise items, all delivered worldwide by Mail service.
This cart, powered by Wiseband, will let you complete your order  and download the songs immediately after paying. You will also be sent a download link in your order confirmation email.
Wiseband pays back to the artist or label more than 90% of the gross price.
You will need an e-mail address and password to download your songs. You can come back at any time and from any computer to download them. You will find them in the "My Downloads" tab of your account.
Name and address's must be accurate in order to deliver items purchased from the site.

Personal information will not be used in any way except to confirm and mail your purchases.
You will only receive information from , only if you check the box requesting updates.

We only store your connection and personal data for giving you information about your account and order. For any question or asking the deletion of your personal data, please send an e-mail to Wiseband

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