Your music available on the main platforms of download & streaming in a few days !

Download : iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Virginmega, 7 Digital, Qobuz, Starzik, Qriocity (Sony), BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)

Streaming : Spotify, Deezer,, OVI (Nokia), eMusic, Rhapsody, Simfy

Video : Youtube

Apps : Shazam

Radio-Promo : Bya, Muzicenter

“A la carte” choices of digital platforms
29€ / album (38,5 $ )

10€ / single (13 $ )
9 % commission fee only on sales (with monthly payment)
Get money from Youtube :
- from videos using your music on YouTube (royalties)
- from your own videos broadcast on Youtube (royalties)
French Radios Promotion tool on professional plateform Bya (for radio programmers)
(70€/track & 250€ to be in their newsletter)
Possibility of push on the digital platforms (according to the potential)
No exclusivity on distribution agreement and without commitment of duration
No annual fee, no unregistration fee
itunes amazon googleplay spotify qriocity 7digital emusic blackberry deezer youtube simfy nokia_ovi rhapsody qobuz starzik rara shazam
1 Upload your music :

  • Choose the quality : mp3, Wav, Flac
  • Write your informations (tracks names, copyrights...)
  • Upload your artworks (covers, photos...)
2 Put your albums & singles on platforms :

  • Choose the platforms you want to be distributed on
  • Choose also your own pricing
  • Choose your release date
  • Make preorder sales
3 Wiseband integrates your music on platforms :

  • Wait for a few days to be on all the platforms
  • Receive an email as soon as a new platform confirms your integration
4 Do the promotion of your music to sell your music online :

  • Use the Fans management toolkit
  • Communicate on the social networks ; Facebook, Twitter...
  • Send newsletters to your fans
5 Follow and analyze your digital sales :

  • Display your sales on the dashboard
  • Analyze your sales with our reporting tools :
    Detailed daily & monthly reports of sales and streamings. Details by platforms, by dates, by titles, by albums, by countries...
  • Activate your payments (by bank checks, transfers, paypal)
6 Follow your royalties on Youtube :

  • Get money from videos using your music on YouTube (royalties)
  • Get money from your own videos broadcast on Youtube (royalties)
  • Statement of viewings by day, by video, by country

New Partnership with eMusic

Wiseband is thrilled to announce his new partnership with eMusic, the first digital music shop and audio books.       Discoveries is at the heart of the platform’s philosophy and eMusic believes that the best discoveries are unexpected. This is the reason why, eMusic analyses different users researches to provide artists...

Spread Your Music on Shazam

Artists and Labels using Wiseband services have now the opportunity to submit their music on Shazam, the musical recognition platform.  You’re listening a song but you have no ideas about who’s singing, Shazam is made for you ! You just have to launch Shazam et you’ll get all informations of the song you’re listening...

Monetize your music on Youtube

Wiseband expands its distribution offer and welcomes a new partner : YouTube, the largest platform for video hosting. Available all around the world, YouTube is an essential space for listening and watching music. With 4 billion videos viewed each day in 2011, YouTube can help you reach a wide audience and get your music discovered. [...] This...