Music Promotion

Promoting your music is one of the key elements in selling your music and having a successful release.

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In order to promote your music and your release, Wiseband offers you several tools included with your digital distribution and options to promote your music on social networks, Youtube, Spotify and Deezer...

Music promotion packs to boost your release

For any release with Wiseband you have several elements to promote your music easily and for free.

youtube logo


YouTube is the online destination of choice for millions of music fans who want access to the songs they love. Supporting albums, singles, videos, remixes and live performances, Wiseband allows you to stream your music on YouTube and promote your clips to specific audiences.

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Facebook is the largest social media network with over 845 million monthly active users. Facebook has other social platforms such as Instagram. Wiseband helps you spread your music through Facebook/Instagram campaigns optimised for your audience.

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Spotify is the world's leading music streaming service with over 100 million users. As a Wiseband partner, you can benefit from access to their advertising tool at a very attractive price to develop your project.

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Wiseband tools to promote your music for free

For any release with Wiseband you have several elements to promote your music easily and for free.


Smart links for your music marketing that bring all platforms together in one place.

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pre-save page


Boost your release and encourage fans to pre-order it on iTunes, Amazon, and Beatport, and save it on Spotify with the Pre-Save page. You can also offer your fans instant gratification tracks.

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page apple music pour les artistes

Personalise your pages

Take control of your image and artist page on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer. Price your release and tracks with a custom price on the iTunes Store. You can also update your label page on Beatport.

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