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24 Jun, 2023

Broadcast Channel Instagram : How to make?

The latest hot trend is the introduction of broadcast channels on Instagram! This new feature offers content creators the option of opening a dedicated broadcast channel. In essence, this option allows creators to communicate and share with their audience in innovative ways, sending messages, vocals, photos or even exclusive videos to subscribers present in the channel. Subscribers can react with emojis and take part in polls, enabling creators to further engage and involve their loyal audience.

How do I create a broadcast channel?

To create a broadcast channel, you need to have an Instagram account in creator mode. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy to switch from a personal or professional profile to a creator account by following these simple steps :

  • To switch from a personal profile to a creator account: go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Account Type & Tools > Switch to Professional > Creator.
  • To switch from a professional profile to a creator account: Go to Menu > Settings & Privacy > Professional Tools & Controls > Change account type > Creator.

Once you have a Creator account, here’s how to create your broadcast channel, whether you’re using an iPhone or Android smartphone:

  1. From the Instagram app, access your messenger by clicking on the paper airplane icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Press the pencil and paper icon to write a new message.
  3. Select “Create a broadcast channel”. In the new window that opens, define the channel’s name, audience, end date (optional) and choose whether to include a link to your broadcast channel in your bio.
  4. Press “Create broadcast channel”.

Please note that the broadcast channel feature is currently being rolled out to all creators. If you don’t see it on your account yet, please be patient!

How do I invite my followers to join my channel?

You’ve created your channel and would like to invite your followers to join? When you send your first message on the channel, all your subscribers receive an invitation to join. This allows you to welcome your first followers! What’s more, it’s a good idea to add the link to your broadcast channel to your Instagram bio to show your followers that you have a dedicated channel.

Instagram is also rolling out new options to encourage users to join creators’ broadcast channels:

  • A new “Channels” tab in messaging is rolling out, making it easier for users to find channels.
  • The ability to share your broadcast channel link (or a message from the channel) in Story, to get more exposure to followers who haven’t yet joined the channel.

Broadcast channels on Instagram offer a unique opportunity for content creators to interact more directly and exclusively with their audience. Whether you’re an influencer, brand or artist, this feature allows you to share specific content, preview information, exclusive offers, and much more. You can truly cultivate a special relationship with your most engaged subscribers, strengthening your community and boosting engagement.

In conclusion, Instagram channels represent a significant advance in the interaction between content creators and their audience. This feature creates closer ties with subscribers, offering them exclusive access to specific content and fostering engagement.

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