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29 Jun, 2023

How do get my music on Vevo Music and Vevo Youtube?

First of all, Vevo is an online music video platform that was launched in 2009. It enables artists and labels to broadcast their music videos and performances to a wide audience. Vevo is available in many countries around the world, and is a particularly popular platform for music lovers and fans of famous artists.

Why distribute your music on Vevo?

There are several compelling reasons why it makes sense to distribute your music on Vevo. Firstly, Vevo is a highly specialized platform for distributing music content, which means that your music will be exposed to an audience specifically interested in music. This can help you gain visibility and attract new fans.

In addition, Vevo offers powerful promotional features, such as the ability to create dedicated artist channels, publish exclusive videos and collaborate with other artists and content creators. These opportunities can help you expand your audience and strengthen your presence in the music industry.

Technically, how do I upload my music to Vevo?

Register with Wiseband and upload your music directly from the Wiseboard.

Choose the countries and music platforms you want to be present on.

Wiseband takes care of the rest, so you can remove your music whenever you like.

To keep in mind when putting your music on Vevo:

* Create a Wiseband account

* Upload your music (single, EP or album)

* Choose your platform

* Choose country

We only need a few technical details to put your music on Vevo (to be sent to


* 3000×3000 pixel artwork in .JPEG or .PNG format

* Metadata

In conclusion, distributing your music on Vevo can be an important step in reaching a wide audience and developing your music career. Vevo offers a powerful, specialized platform for promoting your music and interacting with fans. Prepare your music, choose a trusted distributor and take the first step towards increased visibility and new opportunities in the music industry with Vevo. You can start your distribution here.

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