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24 Feb, 2022

How to grow a community on Youtube?

First of all, Youtube is undoubtedly the most used platform in the world. Indeed, every month, billions of people access youtube content through millions of videos that are published every day. The problem, as an artist, is that you have to face a very large competition that is constantly increasing. Even if this platform remains the first springboard for any professional or amateur of the music, it is important to stand out. That is to say, to differentiate yourself from the others in order to make your sound or visual identity known and fortunately, Wiseband is here to give you its best advice.

Introduction : YouTube for artists 

First of all, if you are a novice as a musician or even if you are just a simple spectator and want to manage your own Youtube channel. Youtube for Artist is there for you. A quick reminder, it’s a service that gives artists more control or mainly gives the famous sesame so coveted by all users.

That is to say the certified or official account. However, a label or a specific structure will be necessary to achieve this. Thanks to this feature, you will be able for example to make better searches on the search bar and thus, link to a specific keyword on the platform. 

From now on, this platform also allows you to differentiate yourself from others but also to share the essential news. In a second time, it is possible to keep informed all its fanbase of your news but not only…

It is simply a catalog where you can find a multitude of information. Like tools, news and everything that can be trendy for musicians or artists who want to progress and develop a community over a whole musical career.  Wiseband delivers all the answers to your questions on our previous article YouTube: Official Artist Channel

In short, it allows you to provide subscribers with totally exclusive content such as cover songs or remixes. By using the right tools, your music career can only improve and Wiseband gives you its three best tips and tricks to promote music on Youtube.

1. Youtube playlist : the tool to get your music discovered

Playlists are probably one of the ideal vectors to make users discover a discography, catalog of a style or musical artist. It can be compared to an interactive CV since it contains all the material we want to use. The easiest way is to create your own playlist that can include content hosted on a Youtube channel that is not necessarily yours:

First, you need to select the playlist or clips that are to be transferred to the playlist.

Now, at the bottom of the video, click on the “add” icon.

Select a playlist that you have already created or you can click on “create a new playlist”. Start by adding a name. 

Secondly, choose the genre of your playlist. The genre is essential so that Internet users can identify your playlist without even having listened to a single track. It must therefore describe your identity.  You can for example insert video interviews, live clips, demos but also clips or backstage… 

The choices are so wide and that’s the beauty of youtube. Always choose quality over quantity. To stimulate more the desires of the Internet users, propose unceasingly new content. The goal is to create surprise in the eyes of the user.

2. Your cover, the ideal springboard to become known on YouTube 

When you start a music project and want to expose it on YouTube, don’t forget that covers (often called “remixes”) can help you attract more viewers. 

Indeed, most of the Internet users are looking for the song of a very famous artist. Therefore, with the cover of the name of the artist with a great notoriety, the project appears in the new search algorithm.

This is the ideal way to increase your audience with covers of particularly popular songs, classics that respect your musical style and reinterpret in your own way. For video: You can focus on the quality of the interpretation, so don’t panic even if it is “homemade”.

However, if the quality of the video is also really good, this remix can really work for you! Finally, when it comes to covers, it can end up being a playlist created by the artist of the song you just covered.

3. Cherish your fan community on Youtube

Youtube allows an artist to address more directly with all his community but also to inform his fans about the present moment as his latest news. It is essential to maintain a good relationship and to respect his community in order to keep his future audience as loyal as possible. 

Browse on Youtube in the “community” tab for all artists. Indeed, you can observe the latest news of all artists through posts with visuals that can give information on your next concert, your next release. Links to your merchandising can complete the whole.

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