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24 Jun, 2023

Phonk Music Drift Phonk and Phonk Rap : What is it ?

In the world of music, certain genres stand out for their originality and ability to create an immersive experience. Two of these genres, phonk and drift phonk, emerge from the underground scene and fuse captivating musical elements with the aesthetics of street racing. Let’s delve into these two musical styles and discover what makes them so unique.


Phonk is a musical genre that originated from the underground hip-hop scene in Memphis. It is characterized by a dark atmosphere, hypnotic samples, and powerful basslines. Phonk producers often use samples from old soul, funk, and R&B tracks, which they slow down, pitch, and manipulate to create unique compositions. This approach gives phonk its lo-fi, raw, and mesmerizing sound.

Notable artists in the genre include DJ Smokey, Soudiere, Trippymane, and Lil Ugly Mane. Each brings their own personal touch to phonk, exploring different styles and pushing the boundaries of music production. Phonk has gained a dedicated fan base and continues to evolve, thanks to its distinctive aesthetic and immersive atmosphere.

Drift Phonk:

Drift phonk, on the other hand, is an evolution of phonk that incorporates elements of the street racing aesthetic. Inspired by the adrenaline and excitement of car races, drift phonk blends powerful basslines, captivating samples, and hard-hitting beats to create an intense musical experience.

Drift phonk gains momentum through artists such as Aesthetic Kid, Racing Boy, and Speed Demon. Their productions capture the essence of speed and the thrill of street racing, creating a perfect synergy between music and drift culture. The dynamic beats and hypnotic melodies of drift phonk reflect the intensity and energy of drift competitions, transporting listeners to a world where music and speed collide.

Examples of Phonk and Drift Phonk in English:

To better appreciate these music genres, here are some examples of phonk and drift phonk tracks in English:


  • DJ Smokey – “Hell on Earth”
  • Soudiere – “Endless Nights”
  • Trippymane – “Obscure Dreams”
  • Lil Ugly Mane – “Dark Melodies”

Drift Phonk:

  • Aesthetic Kid – “Night Race”
  • Racing Boy – “Extreme Velocity”
  • Speed Demon – “Controlled Drift”
  • Drift Master – “Burning Asphalt”

These examples provide a glimpse into the diversity and immersive atmosphere that phonk and drift phonk offer. Their powerful basslines, mesmerizing samples, and captivating beats make these genres unique musical experiences, captivating underground music enthusiasts and street racing enthusiasts alike.

In conclusion, phonk and drift phonk are two music genres that blend underground aesthetics with captivating influences. From the dark and lo-fi phonk to the energetic drift phonk inspired by street races, these genres offer an extraordinary musical experience. Explore these unique sonic worlds and let yourself be carried away by the powerful basslines, mesmerizing samples, and captivating beats of phonk and drift phonk.

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