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19 Jun, 2023

Why put your music on Soundcloud ?

First of all, SoundCloud is a social media platform that was launched in 2007. It enables users to share their music online and connect with a community of music enthusiasts. SoundCloud is popular worldwide and offers artists a platform to distribute their music to a wide audience.

Why distribute your music on SoundCloud?

First of all, there are several reasons why it’s beneficial to distribute your music on SoundCloud. SoundCloud boasts a dynamic and committed music community. SoundCloud users are often passionate music lovers who actively explore new artists and musical genres. By putting your music on SoundCloud, you have the opportunity to connect with this community and generate interest in your work.

Secondly, the platform offers the opportunity to interact directly with your listeners. Listeners can comment, like and share your tracks, giving you instant feedback and building a relationship with your audience. You can also track the listening statistics of your tracks and gain insights into your audience.

Promoting music on SoundCloud Ads

SoundCloud offers built-in promotion features, such as the ability to share your tracks on other social media platforms and embed them on websites. What’s more, SoundCloud is used by many music industry professionals, including producers, labels and music bloggers, increasing the chances of being discovered by key industry players. Find out more here. 

Technically, how do I get my music on SoundCloud?

Register with Wiseband and upload your music directly from the Wiseboard. Choose the countries and music platforms you want to be present on. Wiseband takes care of the rest, so you can remove your music whenever you like.

To keep in mind when putting your music on SoundCloud:

  • Create a Wiseband account
  • Upload your music (single, EP or album)
  • Choose the platform
  • Choose the country

We only need some technical information to put your music on Soundcloud (to be sent to

  • WAV 
  • Cover art in 3000×3000 pixels in .JPEG or .PNG
  • Metadata

In short, distributing your music is an effective strategy for reaching a new audience. We invite you to prepare your release on Wiseband as soon as possible. One thing’s for sure: putting your music on SoundCloud won’t hold any secrets for you with Wiseband! Continue here to distribute.

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