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Alexandre Baumont

Head Of Marketing - Wiseband

16 Mar, 2023

Introducing Spotify Clips: The New Way for Artists to Connect with Fans

Spotify has launched a new feature called Clips, short vertical videos that allow artists to showcase their music and creativity while building lasting connections with fans. With one million hours of content streamed online every minute and an average of 19 hours of online video watched each week, it has become increasingly challenging for artists to stand out among the mass of content creators. Spotify’s Clips are different, though, because they are attached to artist profiles and tracks, enabling viewers to listen easily after watching videos. Unlike other short-form video platforms, Clips are about driving streams of music, not likes.

How Spotify’s Clips Feature Helps Artists Showcase Their Music and Build Lasting Connections

Artists can upload vertical Clips of between three and 30 seconds long that can be attached to their profile, a song, an album, or an upcoming release. Clips do not disappear after 24 hours, so artists can focus on storytelling and longer-term engagement rather than short-term trends. Clips always feature on an artist’s profile in a dedicated section and are always visible on the profile. They are also searchable and discoverable in other places, such as album pages and countdown pages.

Artists can access the video dashboard to create a Clip via the desktop or mobile app, upload the video in MP4 format, and add details such as captions, release tags, and thumbnails. To get started, artists can use Clips to share the story behind a song, announce an upcoming release, introduce themselves as an artist, feature a collaborator, and create other engaging content to connect with fans.

Stand Out Among the Mass of Content Creators with Spotify’s New Clips Feature

Spotify is unlocking this feature for thousands of artists, with more to follow in the coming months. Clips are all about driving streams of music, building long-term fandom and deepening connections between artists and fans. With Clips, artists have a new way to engage with listeners and tell richer stories about their music, connecting with fans on the platform where they already listen to their music.
Of course you will get access from you Spotify For Artists account.

Click here for more information about Clips.

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