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17 May, 2023

How to Sponsor Your Music on TikTok and Instagram Business Accounts ?

In the world of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, music plays an essential role in content discovery. Just like hashtags on Instagram, choosing the right sound for a TikTok video allows the algorithm to classify and present that content to a relevant audience. However, there are limitations to this practice, as it is not possible to sponsor music from a business account.

Prohibition on TikTok Business Accounts

Since May 2020, professional accounts on TikTok and Instagram can no longer use mainstream music. This restriction stems from a complex history of copyright and rights holders. Business accounts can only use royalty-free music in their TikTok videos.

TikTok responded to this limitation by launching its own music library dedicated to businesses. It features over 150,000 audio tracks and loops, categorized into themes like Sports, Summer, Food, Blog, etc. Most of the tracks in this library come with an unlimited international usage license within the TikTok ecosystem. However, this offering doesn’t always meet user expectations.

TikTok’s terms of use state that any account using the platform for marketing and advertising purposes must adhere to the commercial music library. This applies to both verified and non-verified business accounts. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in copyright violations.

On Instagram, business accounts also have a limited music library. While it can be helpful, it doesn’t fully leverage the popularity of certain tracks on the platform.

Using Music in Sponsored Content

But what happens if you try to use mainstream music in your sponsored videos? In most cases, TikTok automatically detects copyrighted songs and prevents their publication. Your video will be set to private.

In some cases, it may be possible to access mainstream music and add it to your videos, but TikTok will repeatedly warn you that the sound is protected. It is recommended to follow the platform’s guidance to avoid issues such as muting your video or receiving a strike on your account.


To delve deeper into TikTok and Instagram, brands can also utilize other libraries of royalty-free music. For example, Artlist offers a vast selection of audio tracks with 100% negotiated rights, allowing you to use them legally on TikTok or Instagram.

In conclusion, it is important to adhere to these rules to avoid copyright problems, such as video deletion or account restrictions. By utilizing appropriate resources and following the platforms’ guidance, you can fully leverage the advantages of TikTok and Instagram for your marketing and promotional strategies.

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