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Alexandre Baumont

Marketing Director - Wiseband

18 Feb, 2022

Discover the ISNI (international standard name identifier)

Behind this acronym “ISNI” hides the terms “International Standard Name Identifier”. 
This standard has been developed since 2012 by the international organization of standardization that we all know as “ISO”.

Use of the ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier)

The ISNI is a 15 digits number followed by a control key, this combination allows to generate 1 million billion possible codes (we let you count…).
The ISNI code will allow an entity (name, nickname, publisher…) to be identified via a unique number.

How useful is the ISNI for a musician?

A musician can have other activities and different pseudonyms (composer, author, etc…). In the databases he is therefore known under different identifiers (private and/or public). 
The ISNI code will thus allow him to obtain a universal and unique identifier allowing the databases to exchange information in a simple and reliable way. Without this code, it is difficult to identify a name like “John Smith” in a safe way. Indeed, we can find a lot of homonyms or close names that make it very difficult to distinguish.

How do I get my ISNI code?

Wiseband can help you get your ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) code. Indeed, we are an official partner of and we can deliver your code.
To do so, you must make a request on our website

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