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15 Feb, 2024

Discover Amazon Music’s Hype Deck

First of all, Amazon Music is once again setting itself apart with the launch of its latest innovation: the “Hype Deck”. This new feature promises to revolutionize the way artists and their teams promote their music to fan communities on social networks, messaging apps and other marketing channels.

Why does it work?

The Hype Deck, accessible via mobile and web platforms, is designed to generate “Hype Cards”, promotional tools that highlight an artist’s music. These cards can be used to promote the artist’s profile, songs, albums and selected Amazon Music global playlists such as Rap Rotation, Country Heat, Breakthrough, and All Hits, with the promise of adding even more options in the future.

What makes Hype Cards particularly attractive is their ability to be customized. Artists and their teams can choose from different color gradations for the background, orient the card according to their preferences, and share their creations in seven different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

When a fan clicks on a Hype Card from social networks or other marketing channels, they are redirected directly to the Amazon Music app. If the card relates to an artist’s profile, the fan is taken to that artist’s detail page in the app. For cards linked to songs or albums, fans are redirected to the corresponding pages.

How do I create a Hype Card?

This process is exclusively available in Amazon Music for Artists. Simply log in to your account, select the profile of the artist for whom you wish to create a card, then navigate to the Hype Deck page. On the web, this option can be found in the left-hand side navigation bar, while on mobile, you can create a new Hype Card in the Profile & Tools section.

Hype Card creation is open to any member of an artist, label or distributor team with access to the artist’s profile on Amazon Music for Artists. This means that a wide range of music professionals can take advantage of this feature to maximize visibility and engagement around their music.

In conclusion, Amazon Music’s Hype Deck represents a major breakthrough in digital music marketing. By simplifying the creation of attractive, easily-shared promotional material, Amazon Music for Artists offers music creators an unrivalled opportunity to strengthen their online presence and forge stronger links with their fans. It’s a new era in music promotion, made possible by Amazon Music’s technology and innovation. To start distributing your Amazon Music, click here.

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