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8 Feb, 2023

Mastering Online and Master Song Online

First of all, you are looking for solutions to give your music the best possible audio treatment? The mastering stage is crucial, it allows you to bring out the best of your creation, and to bring it up to industry standards so that it sounds at least as good as other tracks on streaming platforms :

  • So, for mastering, there are two ways to go mastering done in the studio by engineers
  • or the automatic mastering or Magic Mastering done by algorithms

What is the difference?

Firstly, automatic or magic mastering works by using sound processing algorithms to make adjustments to the audio track. The algorithms analyze the audio characteristics of the track, such as frequency, volume and dynamics, and then apply predefined settings to improve the sound quality.

While a professional mastering studio such as Diaphonie Studio will use its time, skills and professional equipment to process your music, automatic mastering will only apply predefined settings to your creation.

Indeed, it does not allow you to raise your music to the market standards, or even to balance it properly. Opting for automatic mastering rather than studio mastering is like offering your listeners instant noodles rather than good ravioli.

For example, at Diaphonie Studio, the sound engineers have considerable training and experience in understanding the nuances and subtleties of music, as well as in properly using mastering tools to improve the audio quality of your track.

They can work with you to understand your goals and create a final output that meets your expectations and those of your audience.

Which one to choose?

In conclusion, if you want to get a high quality final output for your music, it is better to have studio sound engineers master your project than to rely on automatic Mastering algorithms. Studio sound engineers can help you achieve a more professional, consistent and satisfying sound that meets your expectations.

Furthermore, the savings from using mastering algorithms will greatly deteriorate the final result of your work and the success of your project.

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