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5 Apr, 2022

Wiseband gives you its selection of tools for artists and labels to promote their music! 

Managing your artistic career is not an easy task, especially when you are inundated with tools, each one more innovative than the other. To have clarity, elements of comparison in order to make an enlightened choice on its working tools, here is the objective of this article! We have surveyed and tested all the tools we are going to recommend to you via our teams, our customers and our partners concerning the use of their tools in-house! We will distinguish two categories so that you can see clearly!

Beginners & semi-professionals :

Whether you are an artist or a label, in order to measure and know if you are going in the right direction, you don’t need the most powerful tools (which also cost a lot more). This selection of good tools has more vocation to go for free or freemium solutions, to allow you to start/confirm your activity.

  • Design & visuals : CANVA

Although criticized by design and communication professionals, CANVA is now a serious alternative to “pro” software like Adobe Photoshop.  CANVA offers a minimalist and easy to use interface.   You can also take a look at Photopea, an equally serious alternative that is very similar to Photoshop. The advantage? This application is accessible online and free. Moreover, you can directly import Photoshop files (.psd).  

  • Digital Distribution : WISEBAND

Although we are the ones writing the article, we have designed and continue to develop Wiseband for all independent artists and labels. 

Much more than a simple distribution that you make, you work with a human-sized team, in which you can trust also available for you! 

Here are some testimonials from clients we support:

« Wiseband is without a doubt the most complete and human distribution platform on the market. A fast and professional service!”
TRINIX – Electro Chill – 2.6M Monthly Listeners

“Top human relations, personalized and quality services. Reactive and professional: Wiseband, a unique support.”
LUX – Dance Pop – 60k Monthly Listeners

“Unique in its kind. Wiseband makes the distribution experience human and upscale. A real luxury for us!”
PLAYPACK RECORDS – Label – 2.5M Streams

Check our offers for more information, we also have a free offer!

Fanlink: TONEDEN or our WISEPAGE!

The major pillar that will make the link between your music on the platforms and your fans: the fanlink. For the uninitiated, it is a global link that gathers all the links on each streaming platform (Example: Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music) that automatically redirects to the chosen platform.

At Wiseband, for each distribution, we take care of this famous link, 100% free! We call it the “Wisepage“. 

Another way to create links for free is TONEDEN.
In its 100% free version you can make your own links :

  • SACEM (artists & publishers)

We don’t tell it often enough to artists, but SACEM is the guarantor of your property on your works as well as a source of income for many artists! Remember to make all the deposits on your works.

  • Sharing & private listening : Soundcloud

To close this chapter on semi-free or 100% free tools, we recommend you to use Soundcloud which is still very present on the subject of sharing and listening to demo-previews. 

Sometimes, some labels even require a private Soundcloud listening link. This allows you to have a first overview of your catalog. 

For pitching (sending to official Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music playlists) of your projects distributed on Wiseband we also ask for a private Soundcloud listening link. This has become a standard today by industry professionals.

Experienced – professionals

Looking for professionalization of your activity or for more efficient tools to optimize your work and those of your team(s)? 

Here is a selection of paying tools, which will optimize your work to perfection, so that you can concentrate on the essential.

  • Analytics & Tracking – A&R : Soundcharts & ChartMetrics

Among the most underrated and paradoxically the most expensive tools, they both allow you to compare and see the cross-statistics of each Artist, whatever it is.

Whether it’s profiles on DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms), profiles on social networks, various performance indicators (Fans, Radio Passage, Editorial Playlists and many more). 

Thus, these are complete tools to analyze your own statistics in one place, but also those of your “competitors”. We have personally tested Soundcharts and we recommend it to you with our eyes closed. The only drawback is that the interface is a bit dated. 

Other customers and partners also use ChartMetrics and Viberate…

  • Rights clearance/OGC: SCPP/SPPF + Adami/Spediddam

The purpose of this article is not to discuss rights clearance or rights management mechanisms in the industry, but in general, many labels and artists do not join all of these societies. This is particularly unfortunate, because if they do, they sit on potential revenue streams.

You can find more information here & here (French):

  • Electronic Signature : Eversign

We don’t teach you anything, but the record industry is strongly framed and regulated by a strict legal framework and it is in this spirit that generally the question of the electronic signature can be raised. For that, many tools exist as well as many features (more or less useful).

Keep in mind the main essentials for your business:

  • Legally valid tracking and signature (IP tracking and time/validation by SMS ect… Many validation methods exist)
  • Dematerialized sending
  • A NON limited number of sendings and signatures
  • Automatic follow-ups

At Wiseband, we have tested many of them (and of all prices) and we agreed on the very good quality-price ratio of Eversign.

  • Management of press mailings & catalog management : Bridge Audio

It is a recent tool (made in France) that we have already adopted within the team, and that we are very happy to present in this selection. is the perfect compromise between a WeTransfer, a Google Drive and a Soundcloud. All this in an interface dedicated to professionals, minimalist and (very) efficient!

A small revolution for the industry, but above all a serious competitor to No more blah blah blah, we know you’ll adopt

In a dynamic of professionalization you want the best tools to understand the functioning of your fans and develop a real relationship with them. That’s why we recommend the two leaders of the fanlink market:

  • Linkfire : Mainly used by the majors, it’s a must-have all-in-one.
  • : Mainly used by independent labels, it stands out mainly by a different design and some specific features.
  • Our discovery :

As much as the links in bio are always the same, not necessarily optimized and cruelly ugly (let’s be honest). But will make you change your mind!

Don’t forget that our team is here to help you!

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