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11 Nov, 2023

How do I Monetize Music with Mixcloud

First of all, MixCloud is a music streaming platform that allows users to discover and listen to music online. It offers a wide variety of musical genres and features personalized mixes based on listeners’ preferences. MixCloud is popular worldwide, and is known for its active community of passionate listeners. According to data from Statista, by 2020, MixCloud had millions of monthly active users.

Why distribute your music on MixCloud?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to distribute your music on MixCloud. Firstly, MixCloud has a diverse and engaged user base, which increases the chances of your music being discovered by new listeners. What’s more, MixCloud offers an ideal platform for DJs and artists to share unique mixes and musical creations. Distributing your music on MixCloud can therefore increase your visibility and presence within a passionate community.

Technically, how do I get my music on MixCloud?

To distribute your music on MixCloud, follow these simple steps:

Register with Wiseband and upload your music directly from the Wiseboard.
Choose the countries and music platforms you want to be present on. Wiseband takes care of the rest without any unpleasant surprises, and you can remove your music at any time if you wish.
Important points to bear in mind when distributing your music on MixCloud:

  • Create a Wiseband account.
  • Upload your music (single, EP or album).
  • Choose the MixCloud platform.
  • Choose the countries where you want your music to be available.

We’ll just need a few technical details to put your music on MixCloud (to be sent to

  • Audio file in WAV format.
  • An album cover in JPEG or PNG format with a resolution of 3000×3000 pixels.
  • Your music’s metadata.

In conclusion, distributing your music on MixCloud is an effective strategy for reaching new listeners and increasing your visibility within an active music community. We encourage you to prepare to release your music on Wiseband as soon as possible. With Wiseband, putting your music on MixCloud will hold no secrets for you! Continue here to distribute.

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