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21 Sep, 2021

Why put your music on TikTok?

TikTok in a few figures

Putting your music on TikTok gives more than 689 million active users the opportunity to listen to your music in the world.

How to put your music on TikTok?

To put your music on Tiktok (and all other platforms) with Wiseband, you need to have an account. Thus, you have the chance to put your music on one of the most used platforms in the world thanks to Wiseband. In fact, it is the seventh platform with the most users in the world.

Note that on the TikTok platform, all users have free access to the platform. There are no premium accounts. The particularity of this platform is that the public is mainly aged between 10 and 28 years. This allows them to reach a younger audience that is in the middle of musical discovery.

The most popular social network in recent years, it is seen as a heavy weapon for streaming. Indeed, it allows them to propel titles or artists to the top of the charts in record time. 

However Tiktok does not work like a traditional streaming site such as Deezer or Beatport. A track is not popular based on the total number of streams. The most important thing is the number of people who will use your track in their video.

In any case, putting your music on TikTok is a way to earn money with every listen.

Distribute and share your single, EP or album with Wiseband on all download and streaming services! TikTok is one of the most used social networks in the world.

How to distribute your music on TikTok ?

To distribute your music on TikTok and all other music platforms, you must use the services of a music distributor like Wiseband. Thus, it is up to the music distributor to make sure that your songs are delivered to the different music platforms you have selected.

As you can see, it is not possible for an artist or an independent label to ring the doorbell of TikTok (and other platforms) to be distributed directly.

By going through Wiseband, you only have to focus on your music. It’s easy to upload to the platforms of your choice.

For TikTok users, you can always certify your TikTok account to gain credibility.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support at 

Technically, how do I put my music on TikTok?

Register on Wiseband and upload your music directly from the Wiseboard.

Choose the countries and the music platforms you want to be present on.

Wiseband manages the rest without any bad surprise, you can remove your music at any time you want.

Keep in mind to put your music on TikTok:

  • Create an account on Wiseband
  • Upload your music (single, EP or album)
  • Choose the platforms
  • Choose countries

We only need some technical information to put your music on TikTok:

  • Cover art in 3000×3000 pixels in .JPEG or .PNG

We invite you to prepare the release on Wiseband as soon as possible to be safe. Your music may be available within 48 hours on TikTok, but it may take up to 2 weeks for some platforms.

One thing is sure, putting your music on TikTok will no longer be a secret for you with Wiseband!

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