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Alexandre Baumont

Marketing Director - Wiseband

28 Feb, 2023

Independent artists : sell your tickets with Weezevent.

Independent artists: sell your own tickets!

An online ticketing service is an indispensable tool for any event organizer. As an independent artist, you can use it to organize your showcases, concerts, signing sessions, etc. as easily as possible.

Discover the advantages of using an online ticketing system in this article!

1. Manage your event efficiently

As an independent artist, the ease of use of an online ticketing tool allows you to save time.

Self-distribution, or the sale of tickets without an intermediary, becomes simple to set up with a solution like Weezevent’s. It’s an important choice for independent artists, especially when you know that ticketing accounts for about 30% of an event’s turnover. Selling your own tickets has many advantages, among which :

  • A reduction in costs: the cost of a direct sale is about 5% of the ticket price compared to 10 to 15% if you go through a distribution network
  • A visual continuity of your identity as an artist with a simple purchase path
  • The possibility to organize private sales and add additional purchase options (pre-sale of drinks, merchandising sales, VIP access, etc.)

By using an online ticketing solution, you manage your event from A to Z! Thus, you :

  • Schedule your events: when you create an event, you can choose its recurrence and propose different prices according to the sessions. You can also set a start and end date for the sale that you will share on your social networks.
  • Sell online or on site: selling online allows you to reach a larger number of people, who are now used to paying their purchases on the internet. You can sell your tickets in advance, and complete the filling of the event by proposing the sale on the spot the day of the event.
  • Track revenue : this feature allows artists to better manage their budget and to clearly see what the ticket sales have generated. With a tool like Weezevent’s, your receipts are transferred bi-monthly to the account of your choice !
  • Collect data : you have the possibility to get the email addresses of the people registered to the event, which is a real asset for your communication campaigns.
  • Set up a reservation system : thanks to an online solution like Weezevent’s, you can propose a reservation system to your participants. This allows you to offer them various means of payment, adapted to their profile (online, by mail, or on site), while being able to count them in the number of expected participants.

The purchase process is also improved for the participants. Going through an online ticketing service allows to buy tickets quickly, from anywhere, and on the support of their choice (mobile, tablet, computer).

2. Improve your visibility and communication

The use of an online ticketing system allows artists to communicate easily with their participants.

By offering online ticket sales, you build and consolidate your fanbase little by little. Thus, you can stay in touch with them by sending them different communications: information about the event (schedules, access, etc.), invitations to your next events or even collecting their opinion after the event.

With the mini-sites that Weezevent offers, create a personalized page in a few clicks, allowing you to sell your tickets and manage your registrations. By sharing these online sales pages on different channels, independent artists can increase their visibility and increase the number of tickets sold:

  • On social networks: by sharing your ticketing link on your networks, you increase your chances of visibility and allow fans to spread your event to their friends.
  • By sending emails to the contact list that you will have collected during the sale of the tickets.
  • To the media who will also be able to spread the link to your ticketing service.

If you already have your own website, you can integrate your sales module in a few clicks and generate listings directly from your website!

3. Anticipate the needs of D-day

When organizing events, the question of capacity is essential. It can be linked to the capacity of the room or to organizational constraints.

With an online ticketing service, you have the possibility to set up quotas to limit the number of tickets sold. If you decide not to set a limit, the online ticketing system will still allow you to track the number of tickets sold in real time. This is an important element to take into account in order to best plan all aspects of the event:

  • Personnel required for security and access control,
  • Preparation of a catering service,
  • Seating capacity,
  • etc.

Weezevent offers independent artists online ticketing solutions, access control, cashless payment as well as marketing and CRM tools to easily and efficiently organize your events ! To know more about Weezevent

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