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26 Sep, 2021

Why put your music on Napster?

Napster in a few figures.

Putting your music on Napster gives millions of active users the opportunity to listen to your music all over the world. There are more than 60 million songs of all kinds. It also offers users audio quality up to 320 kbps.

How to put your music on Napster?

To put your music on Napster (and all other platforms) with Wiseband, you need to have an account. Thus, to put your music on Napster is to be sure to be present on one of the biggest music platforms.

Please note: the Napster platform does not offer a free version. You can take advantage of a one-month trial version and then you will have to turn to a subscription. No student subscription or reduced rates, only one subscription offer at the unique price of 9,95€/month. It has all the features of other streaming platform packages like Spotify. 

The music is unlimited and can be listened to online or offline without having to worry about commercial breaks. All with an audio quality of MP3.

In any case, putting your music on Napster is a way to make money with every sale.

Distribute and share your single, EP or album with Wiseband on every download service in the world! Naptser is one of the best selling services, offering millions of content from independent and major labels.

How to distribute your music on Napster ?

To distribute your music on Napster and all other music platforms, you must use the services of a music distributor like Wiseband. Thus, it is up to the music distributor to make sure that your tracks are delivered to the different music platforms that you have selected.

Thus, you will have understood that it is not possible for an artist or an independent label to ring the doorbell of Napster (and other platforms) to be distributed directly.

By going through Wiseband, you only have to concentrate on your music. You can easily upload your music to the platforms of your choice.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support at 

Technically, how do I put my music on Napster ?

Register on Wiseband and upload your music directly from the Wiseboard.

Choose the countries and the music platforms you want to be present on.

Wiseband manages the rest without any bad surprise, you can remove your music at any time when you want.

To keep in mind to put your music on Napster:

  • Create an account on Wiseband
  • Upload your music (single, EP or album)
  • Choose the platforms
  • Choose the countries

We only need some technical information to put your music on Napster:

  • .WAV audio file(s)
  • Cover art in 3000×3000 pixels in .JPEG or .PNG
  • .metadata

We invite you to prepare the release on Wiseband as soon as possible to be safe. Your music will be available within 7 days maximum on Napster, but it can take up to 2 weeks for some platforms.

One thing is sure, putting your music on Napster will no longer have any secret for you with Wiseband!

Don’t hesitate to have a look at our article on Spotify, another platform to sell your electronic music. Right here.

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