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Alexandre Baumont

Head Of Marketing - Wiseband

9 Jun, 2021

How to certify your Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook account ?

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok… First and foremost, all established artists can no longer do without social networks. In a totally digital era, it is important to be present on the biggest social network platforms to protect your accounts. The latter offer you a protection of your identity as an artist to avoid any risk of usurpation. A bit like an official identity card but this time on the social network you use. From now on, it will be impossible to have your account imitated. So don’t wait a second to get your account certified. Or give you the methods to follow for each social network.

How to get certified on Instagram?

Certification on the social network Instagram is undoubtedly the most important of all social networks, many fake accounts are created every day on the platform. It will also help to strengthen your credibility. Especially since to apply for it, it is very simple: 

  1. Go to the application and access the settings.
  2. Select the “Account” tab and “request verification”.
  3. Now fill in all the boxes with your data and don’t forget to attach a copy of your ID or company.
  4. Wait… Now that you have submitted your request, all you have to do is wait. Your application may be accepted or rejected.

A little information to note on your notepad, all certification requests are carefully analyzed by Instagram moderators. Only they have the power to give you the famous holy grail of the blue badge. Applications can be long, it can take several weeks to be processed, so be patient.

When the application is accepted, you will get a little notification on Instagram that you are now certified. You can immediately go to your profile and see your new treasure: certification.
On the other hand, if your application is denied, don’t panic. You’ll be able to reapply every 30 days, and Wiseband gives you its tips on how to stack the odds in your favor for your next attempt right here.

Blue Badge Facebook : How to get verified account Facebook?

Same thing on Facebook, only the process and the tabs change. There are two types of badges. Blue or grey. The blue color is only dedicated to celebrity or media brands. As for the grey one, it is only for companies or organizations. 

Again, it consists of 4 steps:

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab at the top right of your page.
  2. Then click on the “General” button in the menu on the left of your screen. Then click on the button “Verify page”.
  3. Last step, we click on the “Verify Page” button. 

From now on, you have two choices to get your famous Facebook page certified. The first one being by phone, it is fast and will only take a few minutes of your time. It is very simple, you receive a call on the number you have provided and you will have to transmit on the site the number that will be provided by phone.

The second method is a little more time consuming and tedious, the verification is done by sending official documents such as your last phone bill. Unlike the first method, it is not instantaneous.

Once again, you tried to make your first request but it was refused? No worries, Wiseband gives you its tips to get all the chances on your side right here.

Blue tick Tiktok : How to get verified on TikTok?

Unlike the other two platforms seen above, the certification badge can’t be given to everyone. You can’t apply for the holy grail on the app. 

In other words, you have to be a celebrity with some notoriety to get it. The important thing is to be popular and authentic. It is then directly the moderators of Tiktok who provide the little badge so coveted. Therefore, we are going to give you our 3 tips to hope to catch the eye of the TikTok support team and thus get your account verified right here.


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