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Alexandre Baumont

Head Of Marketing - Wiseband

9 Jun, 2021

How to get certified on your Instagram, TikTok and Facebook account ?

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok… First and foremost, all established artists can no longer do without social networks. In a totally digital era, it is important to be present on the biggest social network platforms to protect your accounts. The latter offer you a protection of your identity as an artist to avoid any risk of usurpation. A bit like an official identity card but this time on the social network you use. From now on, it will be impossible to have your account imitated. So don’t wait a second to get your account certified. Wiseband gives you its advice to put all the chances on your side and leave with the certification on each social network.

How to get certified on Instagram in three steps?

1. Increase your number of followers

The number of followers is probably the information that all users look at first on an Instagram account. Indeed, it is a good indicator about the popularity of the artist. But what’s even better is to have followers who interact and follow your content regularly. Therefore, don’t try to increase your subscribers all the time if they have no interest for you.

Start by defining what content works best on your account to offer more and potentially satisfy new entrants to your account. Then, you will have a better engagement rate on each of your posts. For example, you can organize contests to increase your followers.

2. Use popular hashtags on your posts.

First of all, this will allow you to reach a much larger audience and therefore, increase the reactions and your subscribers, while remaining in your musical genre.

Nevertheless, it is important that you only use hashtags that are relevant to your niche. You will never be accepted as an influencer if you write posts that are unrelated to your niche and followers. 

Of course, don’t pull out hashtags at every turn. You’re not going to put out hashtags about Peking duck recipes as a music artist. You need to have some consistency to increase your visibility and thus increase your chances of being certified

One practice is to create a hashtag for your personal page and encourage all your followers to use it regularly.

3. Link to your other social networks.

One way to get your name out there on Instagram or any other network is to promote all your accounts on each social network. This way, your Instagram followers can choose to follow you on YouTube, your Twitter followers can sign up for your Facebook page, your Facebook followers can join you on Instagram…

If you manage to establish your popularity on a substantial number of sites, you put all the chances on your side to increase your celebrity on the web and more likely to be considered as an artist worth checking out by the giant Instagram.

Do you want to be an influencer? Then you need a wide and varied online platform like a website, blog or forum. Indeed, Instagram should be just a tiny part of your social scene on the web.

how to get certified on Facebook (Blue Badge Facebook) with 2 tips?

1. Make sure you have a complete profile

Your Facebook page should be complete and should contain all the information about you. So update this part regularly.

In other words, give importance to all this information because if you do not regularly update the information on your page. The platform will examine each link and will not validate your certification. It is therefore essential to verify the accuracy of this information. In particular the following elements:  

  • Your link to a website (We talk about it in more detail just below)
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your description
  • Your bio

2. Add a link to an official website

To increase the chances of your application being approved by Facebook, it is highly recommended to have an “official” website for your artist or band page. You must provide the exact link to your website on your Facebook page. As well as the other way around, that is, add the link of your Facebook page on your website.

From now on, this website will be like a showcase of your life as an artist. You can present your future dates or your latest creations. In the eyes of Facebook, this will give credibility to your own page on the social network in question.

How to get certified on TikTok (Blue Tick TikTok)?

1. Get a whole bunch of followers

Be aware that on this social network, TikTok has officially stated that it only checks famous personalities, publishers or big brands. This indicator is mainly measured by the number of followers on the page. It is therefore essential to have a large number of followers on your account.

To achieve this, broadcast different content that cannot be found on any other platform. Like Picasso, be as creative as possible by standing out. Find out what content works best with TikTok users to generate reactions and to convince users to follow you.

While it’s important to get a lot of views on each of your videos, it’s even more important to turn those views into subscribers.

Note that you should not buy fake followers on totally illegal sites or create an account of an existing personality to increase the number of subscribers of your account. Indeed, TikTok will notice one day the deception and your account will be immediately deleted.

2. Get informed about the latest music

First of all, on TikTok, the choice of music is very important and will have a great influence on your results. Browse TikTok regularly to see what music is the most popular at the moment. 

Use them as soon as possible because all the trends are very fast on this social network, they go as fast as they come. Wiseband advises you to get involved in a particular trend related to your musical sector

We will never stop repeating it but it is very important to stay in your musical genre to not lose your followers along the way.

3. Collaborate with other artists on TikTok

This is probably one of the fastest techniques to gain a significant amount of followers and credibility. Try to create a relationship with another artist in your genre to benefit from your collaborator’s community.

This collaboration will be mutually beneficial as both artists will be in a win/win situation, you can only win.

Start by following a related artist and start the conversation by introducing your project and defining the possibilities for your future collaboration. This could be sharing music or collaborating on the same track. 

Don’t forget that your image on the different networks is very important, if you don’t have the possibility to have a graphic designer you can use excellent solutions very simple to use. We recommend you CANVA that we use every day at Wiseband.

All in all, now that you have all the tips from Wiseband, all you have to do is apply to each social network. We will tell you more about the method right here.

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