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18 Jun, 2024

How to Play at Make Music Day? A Complete Guide for Artists

Make Music Day is a major event in France, celebrated every year on June 21st. For artists, it is a unique opportunity to perform in front of a diverse audience. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this event is an excellent opportunity to get noticed and gain experience. Here is a detailed guide to preparing and successfully performing at Make Music Day.

1. Why Play at Make Music Day?

First of all, Make Music Day, initiated in 1982 in France, aims to promote musical practice and encourage musicians of all levels to perform. Here are a few reasons to participate:

  • Increase Your Visibility: Indeed, this event attracts a large audience, including people who do not usually attend concerts. Therefore, it is a unique chance to be heard by new ears.
  • Gain Experience on Stage: Furthermore, whether you are a beginner or experienced, playing live is always enriching. It is an opportunity to perfect your performances and test your songs in front of a real audience.
  • Create Connections with Professionals: Moreover, Make Music Day also attracts professionals from the music industry. Thus, you might meet managers, labels, or other artists with whom to collaborate.
  • Boost Your Motivation: Finally, feedback from the audience can be very encouraging and give you new momentum for your musical projects.

2. How to Find Dates?

To play at Make Music Day, several options are available to you:

  • Participate in an Event Organized by a Venue: First of all, bars, restaurants, concert halls, associations, and other venues often seek artists for their events. So, consult the programs of previous years and contact the venues to propose your participation.
  • Organize Your Own Event: Moreover, if you have a specific venue in mind, such as a bar or public space, do not hesitate to propose a concert to them. Indeed, the venues you frequent regularly are often the most receptive.

3. What Are the Rules for Playing in the Street?

Playing in the street is an interesting option, but it requires respecting certain rules:

  • Declaration and Safety: First of all, in Paris, a declaration to the Prefecture of Police is necessary before May 21st. In other regions, it is important to inquire at your town hall.
  • Coordination with Local Residents: Furthermore, inform the shopkeepers and residents near your performance location. Indeed, good relations can facilitate access to resources such as electricity.
  • Electrical Connection: Finally, make sure you have a power source, whether through a battery, a generator, or in agreement with a local business.

4. How to Promote the Concert?

Promotion is essential to attract an audience to your concert:

  • Official Program: First of all, register on the official Make Music Day agenda. Indeed, registrations are generally open until the week before the event.
  • Social Media: Furthermore, use your accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to announce your concert. Create events and share them regularly.
  • Local Communication: Moreover, display flyers in local shops and contact local media to make your performance known.
  • Word of Mouth: Finally, inform your friends and ask them to share the information. Indeed, their support can significantly increase your audience.

In conclusion, participating in Make Music Day is an excellent opportunity for any musician. By following these tips, you can effectively prepare your concert, comply with the regulations, and ensure successful promotion. This will allow you to have a rewarding experience and share your music with a wide audience. So, take advantage of this day to celebrate music and share your passion!

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