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Alexandre Baumont

Marketing Director - Wiseband

4 Jul, 2024

How Metadata Can Propel Your Music to Success

The Key to Visibility: Metadata

Metadata is essential in the music industry for classifying and identifying your music among millions of others. It is also crucial for reaching a broader audience. If your metadata is incorrect, it could be the reason your music isn’t reaching as many fans as it could.

Enhancing the Discoverability of Your Music

Think of metadata as a kind of search engine optimization (SEO) for your music. The information you provide helps digital streaming platforms (DSPs) like Spotify and Apple Music better understand your music. This, in turn, helps them recommend your tracks to fans of similar genres. For example, if someone remembers a few lyrics of your song but not the title, detailed metadata will make their search easier. Without this information, they might never find your song or discover the rest of your music.

🚀 Wiseband Tip: Avoid unnecessary spellings or embellishments in titles and lyrics unless absolutely necessary.

Precisely Tuned Recommendations

Streaming platforms use metadata to recommend similar music to their listeners. If your metadata accurately describes your music, your tracks are more likely to appear in the recommendations of listeners who enjoy similar genres. Mention multiple genres if necessary, as long as it’s accurate.

Multiple Career Opportunities

Music supervisors who select tracks for movies, TV shows, commercials, and video games rely on metadata to find suitable songs. Detailed metadata increases your chances of landing lucrative contracts. Radio stations and streaming platforms also use metadata to select tracks for airplay.

Ensuring Correct Payment

Every small error in metadata, such as a typo in the artist’s name, can cause issues with royalty payments. Errors can also prevent fans from finding your music, affecting your income. Incorrect metadata can confuse listeners and recommendation algorithms, which could hurt your visibility and revenue.

Expanding Your Global Reach

Providing details like lyrics, song credits, and background information enhances fan engagement. Offering more context and a better understanding of your music encourages listeners to connect more deeply with you and share your music. Including the right language tags and translations makes your music accessible to a global audience, increasing your chances of reaching fans in different regions and cultures.

How to Properly Prepare Your Metadata

To ensure your metadata is correct and complete, here are some tips:

  • Prepare all necessary information in advance.
  • Regularly track co-writing shares, rights splits, etc.
  • Review share agreements before starting.
  • Double-check your information before submitting.

🚀 Wiseband Tip: Create a master spreadsheet to gather all the information you might need when submitting your metadata. This will make submission easier and reduce errors.


Don’t let typos or autocorrect ruin your chances of being properly paid or recognized for your work. Before submitting your metadata, have it reviewed by one or more trusted individuals. As a distributor, we handle the submission process for you, but it is crucial that you provide us with accurate information from the start.

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