Statistical analysis tools at your disposal to observe your growth !
A secured system of payments !

Sell your music online and get paid quickly !

real time
Real time display of sales
Statistical display of sales by albums, artists etc....
Sales report projected by day, by month etc...
YouTube datas tracking solution for royalties reports
Payment on demand by transfer, paypal, or by bank check
online wallet
Online digital currency allowing to finance other services (manufacturing, routing, distribution...)
  • reporting 1


  • reporting 2


  • reporting 3


1 Check your sales :

  • Observe in real time the evolutions
  • Choose the adapted options
2 Analyze your sales :

  • Observe graphs
  • Make the bests choices
  • Optimize the most popular and profitable products (A single ? A T-shirt ? etc...)
3 Manage your fans :

  • Create and manage your fans' list (to grow your fanbase)
  • Export the contacts
  • Prepare your communication’s tools
4 Activate your payments :

  • by paypal, by bank’s check or directly on your bank account
5 Receive your money :

Receive your payments with the most economical system for the artists with the minimum amount of fee possible !
6 Terms of payment :

  • Digital distribution : payment at the end of the month after recovering of all platform’s incomes.
  • Physical distribution : direct payment every 15 days