How to create a private playlist on Wiseband ?

Wiseband offers the possibility to share playlists publicly on an artist page, an interesting feature when promoting an album for example. It is also possible to create a playlist accessible to a private address. This can be interesting if you want to share an album to a restricted group such as partners before its official release. This feature is also available for free accounts.

Create a playlist in Wiseband

  • Sign in 
  • Create a playlist in “Promotion” and “Player to share
  • Click on “Create a next playlist”
  • Add your audio files from your computer
  • Or drag your files already loaded into your playlist
  • Choose the name and the image and click on “create playlist”
    Then you can find your playlist in “Promotion” “Player to share

Share your playlist in a private adress

If you already have a band page in Wiseband, you can create a second one which is more private.

  • Click on “Promotion” “Band Page”

  • Click on “Create a new page”
  • On the configuration page, put “ON” on the “Display music” line and choose the playlist you want and save
  • Put “OFF” in the column “Default”
  • To access this page, click on image of your page in the second column

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