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7 Jan, 2024

Merch Artist : Revolutionize your merchandise for musicians and artists with Wiseband

First of all, Wiseband reinvents itself and takes the world of artist merchandising to a new level. With our forward-looking mantra, “Empower the Artist!”, we’re determined to put artists at the heart of our approach. 

Wiseband doesn’t just follow trends, we create them. With a reinforced team, diversified services and brand-new premises, we’re ready to revolutionize merchandising for our artists. 

Whether you’re an emerging musician or an established artist, Wiseband is your undisputed ally in transforming your artistic vision into tangible products and memorable experiences. Together, let’s dive into what we have to offer with Wiseband.

Diversification and expansion :

In addition, with the expansion of Team Merch, the company is introducing an extended range of services to meet the diverse needs of artists. The FAB, now more robust, offers a variety of customized products: CDs, Vinyls, Textiles, Prints, Goodies. What’s more, each category benefits from a specialist referent, ready to guide and advise you.

In addition, Wiseband’s logistics space has undergone a major transformation, doubling in size to accommodate more efficient logistics and increased storage capacity. This expansion reflects Wiseband’s commitment to responding quickly and efficiently to the growing demands of the industry.

Expanded physical distribution:

From now on, Wiseband strengthens its proposals notably with record shops, TiteLive, and Cultura, guaranteeing a wider and more varied physical distribution of merchandising products.

Focus Team WBMerch: a major asset

Wiseband’s strength lies in its dedicated and passionate team. Each member plays a crucial role: from logistics and e-shop management to graphic design, vinyl project management, marketing communications, and inventory and order management. This versatile team ensures holistic management of every merchandising project: 

  • Pascale leads the team
  • Melle manages logistics and e-shops
  • Angèle and Melissa, our graphic designers, are our creative talents
  • Hélène manages vinyl projects and e-shops
  • Alison is in charge of marketing and communications
  • Justine is in charge of stock management, orders and the record shop.

    Ultimately, merchandising at Wiseband is not just a product, but an essential element of the modern music industry. From now on, Wiseband is more than ever the ideal partner for artists wishing to stand out from the crowd. With a dynamic team and innovative solutions, Wiseband is ready to support every artist in creating merchandising that reflects their unique identity and forges a strong bond with their fans. Join Wiseband to take your music beyond the stage right here!

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