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24 Jun, 2023

TIDAL Artist Home: What is it?

With the advent of music streaming, artists now have the opportunity to connect directly with their audience. Among streaming platforms, TIDAL stands out by offering artists a unique experience with TIDAL Artist Home.

Tidal Artist Home

TIDAL Artist Home allows artists to create their own personalized profile and share their story with fans. You have total control over the key information that represents you, including your profile picture, biography and social links. It’s an opportunity to present your artistic identity in the way that most reflects who you are.

One of the major advantages of TIDAL Artist Home is the possibility of inviting your team to participate in the management of your profile. Whether it’s your manager, your label or other important members, you can add them with different levels of authorization, such as Admin, Manager, Label or Viewer Only. This allows you to collaborate easily and update your profile in real time. You can also make changes to your profile: 

  • Profile photos
  • Bio
  • Links :  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Official Site

In addition to providing a dedicated space for artists, TIDAL Artist Home offers a complete toolbox to boost your music career. The products and resources available are designed in collaboration with artists, ensuring that they truly meet your needs. You can get fans’ thoughts and feedback on TIDAL, make connections with other artists who share your musical universe, and even gain access to future products by requesting a profile.

Tidal Rising 

An interesting aspect of TIDAL Artist Home is the opportunity to submit your project to TIDAL RISING. This initiative puts the spotlight on emerging artists, giving them greater visibility among TIDAL users. If your project is selected, you’ll benefit from privileged exposure and an opportunity to reach new listeners.

Access to TIDAL Artist Home is validated fairly quickly, so you can start personalizing your profile straight away. You can change your profile photo, update your biography and add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok accounts and even your official website.

In short, TIDAL Artist is the ultimate platform for artists who want to share their music with the world. With TIDAL Artist Home, you have the power to present yourself exactly as you want, customizing every detail of your profile. You can also start distributing your track on Tidal here.

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