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Why your release may have been rejected ?

First of all, having your music available on streaming platforms is a priority for many indie artists. In some cases, however, a product may not be approved for digital distribution. It can be disconcerting for the person who uploads, but there are several reasons why it can happen.
In this article, we’ll explore in detail the factors that can lead to music distribution refusal.

1. Reported content and property rights issues:

In the first instance, if your music is flagged for copyright infringement or any other reason, it may be refused. In addition, infringement of property rights can be a major reason for rejection. Make sure you have the necessary exclusive rights to all aspects of your music, including the samples used.

2. Random covers:

In addition, Wiseband scrutinizes the visuals associated with a distribution. Random or inappropriate cover art can detract from the user experience and result in a distribution refusal. Make sure that your visuals don’t include any listening or downloading platform logos, or any special sales or promotional mentions, but that they reflect the musical content and respect the aesthetic standards of the streaming platforms.

3. Wrong metadatas:

No complying with metadata requirements such as providing first and last names of songwriters (both Authors and Compositors), may result in your product being rejected.

4. Inconsistent or repetitive metadatas:

When it comes to metadata, inconsistent, repetitive or even false metadata can hamper the search and classification of your music. Make sure your metadata is accurate, complete and describes your work as accurately as possible.

For example : Incorrect matching of musical genre: incorrectly categorizing your music can lead to visibility problems. Be sure to choose the musical genre that best matches your creation.

5. Sequencing of similar or very similar tracks:

Similarly, the multiplication of quasi-identical tracks within an album may reflect a desire to artificially increase the number of plays by making it look like a real album.

6. Similar track lengths:

In addition, tracks with similar durations may seem unusual and reflect dishonest intentions regarding the distribution of the product concerned.

7. Number and duration of musical tracks on the album:

It is also important to note that an excessive or insufficient number of tracks on an album can influence the distribution decision. Also, albums composed mainly of very short tracks can be perceived as uninviting. Vary the length of your tracks to maintain the listener’s interest.

8. Non-musical content:

It’s important to remember that we encourage artists to ensure that the content they offer is predominantly musical, in order to maintain the integrity of our platform.

The presence of white noise, podcasts or abnormal sounds can negatively affect the musical experience for listeners. Non-musical additions may result in refusal of distribution.

9. Poor audio quality:

Wiseband can also detect a poor-quality audio file and refuse to distribute it. Make sure your recordings are of the highest possible quality and comply with audio quality standards.

10. File naming:

Another often overlooked factor is the naming of audio files. Poorly structured file names can cause technical problems during distribution. Make sure you use clear, organized file names.

11. Selecting streaming platforms:

Finally, Wiseband may refuse distribution if the selection of streaming platforms is not appropriate. Make sure you choose the platforms that best match your target audience and are consistent with the music project.

In overall, please be sure that Wiseband expresses its regret at the idea of having to refuse some product in distribution, but stresses that this stems from the need to respect the rigorous standards set by streaming platforms, and therefore to maintain a high quality of distribution. 

If your product has been refused, we encourage you to consult this article carefully, as the reasons for this refusal are probably set out in detail. It is important to note that, in accordance with our policy, no additional answers will be provided.

From now on, it will be pointless and futile to contact us on this subject through our communication channels. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Furthermore, please note that Wiseband reserves the right to suspend or delete accounts on which distributions have been refused. no refund will be possible in the event that the conditions of use of our platform have not been observed. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in complying with these guidelines.

In conclusion, understanding the potential reasons for refusing music distribution is crucial for independent artists. By working conscientiously on every aspect of your musical project, you increase your chances of your music reaching a wider audience.

Pay attention to detail, meet quality standards, and make sure you have the necessary exploitation and broadcast rights to guarantee smooth distribution. You can start your distribution here.

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